You are invited to attend the Annual 2017 Black College Expo happening next Saturday, February 4th at the Cobb Galleria in Marietta.  This is an additional offering from Guide Right to students and parents during Black History Month to support our Focus on Higher Education.  If attending college is a true interest going to the Black College Expo is a must.  Its a rare opportunity where you get to talk with the decision makers (Admissions, Financial Aid, Alumni etc.) of many colleges all in one place.  With college costs skyrocketing and rising student debt creating financial burdens, its imperative for you to optimize your options for an affordable college experience.
If your student is a Junior or Senior in high school it is a critical time to attend the Black College Expo. There will be opportunities for scholarships and on the spot college admissions can happen.  In fact,  one of our Guide Right seniors in 2015 was accepted to 3 colleges on the spot because he was prepared and had all of the required documents. If your student is not a Junior or Senior its a great event to get the facts needed to increase your chances for scholarships and college acceptance in the future.
How to Attend?  If you are interested in receiving  a complimentary pass for the Black College Expo please respond to this email by 5 PM, Monday January 30th.  I will meet you at the Cobb Galleria at 10 am February 4th to give you your complimentary pass and assist you with getting the most out of the event. 
***** Please send me an email with the names of those interested in attending the Black College Expo and state the number of tickets desired.  AsA Guide Right students and parents will be our firstpriority for passes and the remaining passes will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis.
 Expo Planning Tips For Best Results:
1. Arrive early:  Lines get longer to speak with college representatives as the day progresses, so all GR students and parents should arrive early. 
2. On the Spot Acceptance/ College Application Fees Waived:  High School Seniors/Juniors and their parents should look for signage at each colleges’ booths that display “On the Spot Acceptance”.  Seniors and Juniors  (Juniors who may seek early acceptance) must have required documents for “On the Spot Acceptance” consideration by college admissions recruiters.  (Most Recent Official Transcripts and SAT/ACT scores) Students will have opportunities to meet one on one with college recruiters and get college application fees waived.  Some colleges will offer scholarships valued up to $140,000. I recommend, although not required, that each junior and senior also bring a Profile Page (List of High School Activities, Community Services Projects, Academic/ Social/ Athletic Achievements etc.) which helps college recruiters to quickly recognize a students talents and helps the student to stand out among the crowd.   It also creates an opportunity to have a needed conversation centered on how the student can be a great asset to the perspective college. (MAKE SURE TO PROOF YOUR PROFILE FOR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING ERRORS BEFORE THE EVENT).
3. Financial Aid to Pay for College:  Getting accepted to college is great, but having the money to pay for college is critical!  Parents and Students should ask each college this critical question.  What is the Profile of a Student at your College who can earn a Full or Partial scholarship?  (Grade Point Average,  SAT/ACT Scores, Extra-Curricular Activities etc.)   The more that you know about the colleges funding requirements, the better chance you have of getting their scholarships. Parents should be prepared to have detailed talks about financial aid options and FASFA deadlines. 
4. Pre-plan and Target: It helps if a student knows their area of interest (Medicine, Business, Engineering etc.). Do some research prior to attending the event. Become familiar with the Historically Black Colleges that are well known for your major or concentration. Have a top 5 list of colleges that you really want to speak with, go to their booths first, and then explore the others.
Last Advice to Parents and GR Students:  Use every minute at the event wisely as the time will past quickly. Work every resource and develop relationships at the event to insure that your student walks away with real options for college attendance. Remember their are plenty of opportunities and you are competing among many for those limited resources.
Great Success and the Best to you in 2017!
Doug Lucas
Guide Right Career Director
ASA Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.