Smyrna, GA–Saturday, December 6, 2014–Alpharetta-Smyrna Alumni Chapter (ASA) hosted Mr. Orrin “Checkmate Hudson” at it’s Guide Right workshop on “Chess Life Lessons,” at Fair Oaks Recreation Center in Smyrna, GA, on Saturday, December 6. Joining the ASA Kappa League and Junior Kappa League members, were Kappa Leaguers from Conyers Covington Alumni Chapter (CCAC).

After a lecture in which Chess Master Hudson discussed his days in law enforcement as an Alabama State Trooper, and his interest in chess as a young man, he challenged two young men to a “hot seat” match, where they played, timed by a speed clock, while all of the other Kappa League members, as well as ASA members, crowded around for a closer look.

Prior to the lecture, members of ASA and CCAC set up 13 boards spanning several tables, and the Kappa League members took the chairs to play Hudson simultaneously, as he moved from match to match. One after another Hudson defeated the young men, but he encouraged them by letting them know that failing is a reality in life and they should use it as a learning process to help them succeed in the future.

Hudson’s style and humor engaged the young men, and he told them, “Every master, was once a disaster,” and had them repeat after him, while shaking hands, “it’s OK to fail, because that’s how I learn…I am somebody,” before leaving the table. A photojournalist from local news station WAGA FOX-5 was in attendance to cover the event, and also interviewed Guide Right Director Eugene D. Anderson, Jr. It was later broadcast on the evening news.

It was Hudson’s second visit to ASA, as the chapter spearheads its local initiative to start a chess team, and encourage other chapters in Metro-Atlanta to do the same; ASA hopes the concept will spread to other chapters in all of the provinces, and will eventually lead to a national Kappa League chess league within all of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.

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